Friday, February 13, 2009

Introduction and my vegan cooking criteria

Now that I am happier and more energetic, I find that I really enjoy cooking. I can't help but take pictures of the results, and I tend to pat myself on the back a lot while I eat. That's difficult, because I don't have three arms, so i'm going to start blogging about it all instead.
And who doesn't like to talk about themselves?

First, a bit about me and my cooking criteria:

- I am lazy. I don't want to spend 3 hours in the kitchen when I could instead spend 1 hour in the kitchen and 2 hours doing something else.
EDIT: Actually I love spending all night in the kitchen now. Oops.

- I hate the blender. I will use it if I have to, but I get really resentful. It's a pain to clean. Anytime I can get away with using the 1970's immersion blender that I got from my parents, I do. So I tend to avoid recipes that won't let me get away with a) stirring with a whisk, b) immersion blending, c) using the small food processor.
EDIT: The Vita-Mix has changed this completely. Now I use the blender at every opportunity. My hatred has shifted instead to the food processor. What a pain to clean compared to the Vita Mix.

- All food must be prepared before whatever TV show I plan to watch. This ties into not wanting to spend 3 hours in the kitchen.
EDIT: Thanks to Heroes and House and Greys Anatomy now kind of sucking, this no longer applies as much. The shows that I still watch like Bones can be watched from Hulu anyway. So now i'm fine with spending 3 hours in the kitchen, unless football is on.

- Food must usually be prepared with a beer in hand. This helps me be less grumpy about cooking and cleaning.
EDIT: While this is still mostly true, my health and mood must kindly disagree. Music must suffice instead.

- The less veggie-chopping, the better. I'm a slow, mentally deficient chopper, so I avoid it when possible. Canned tomatoes, frozen veggies, that's more my speed. I'll suck it up and chop an onion, press some garlic, grind ginger, and maaaaaybe chop a few carrots, but beyond that I get impatient.
EDIT: Duh, a sharp knife and some practice totally changes this. Although I still cut myself regularly.

- And of course, all food must be vegan and preferably delicious, because I am vegan (and delicious).

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